Despite being one of the most wonderful options for natural sweetness, honey and cooking are not often regular bedfellows. However, if you have worked with honey in cooking before, you will know that it can have a pretty sensational impact. How, though, could you use honey within your cooking in the future?

Here are four useful ways that you could take that humble jar of honey and turn the nectar of our striped bee friends into something else. How, then, can you use honey in cooking to make your meals even better than before?

Sweeten up your spice

Do you like curried foods? Then throwing in some honey can be a surprisingly easy way to make that food taste even better. Cooking any kind of curried dish means using lots of ghee butter, but you could replace it with honey in some cases. Even drizzling some honey into the dish as it nears completion can help to add a whole new texture and punch to your curry of choice.

It’s an easy way to embolden the taste of your food while making sure that the spices are still prominent.

Baking your treats

Making some savoury treats like breadsticks or pretzels? Then you should definitely add in some honey. This helps to add a nice glazed taste that can really change how the pretzels or breaded goods taste. Add in some honey, let it sit overnight, and then make sure that you can create something absolutely delectable.

Still want the savoury taste to win through? Then hurl a handful of salt over the treats before you are finished, and this creates that salted honey taste that works together in ways we simply would never have imagined it working in the past.

Honey up your salad

Making a salad and ran out of dressing? That’s fine, you can use some honey instead. Honey on a salad is a tremendous treat, and it is something that you absolutely should look to use. Take some honey and mix it in with some olive oil in a blender, and throw in some apple cider vinegar as well. Carefully blend, and this makes sure you are left with a world-class salad dressing that tastes great and should really bring out the richness and taste of anything that you have made.

Salad and sweetness surprisingly meld together!

Honey glaze your ham

If you are having a roast ham, using some honey glazing on that can make the whole thing taste absolutely delectable. Do yourself a favour and try this out; some glazed meat with honey is a time-tried traditional meat product that so many people love to make. Honey works so well because it helps you ensure that your meat is left with a gorgeous moistness and the savoury taste of the meat can come to life in a way that simply was not present beforehand.

Which honey cooking opportunity will you look to try out first, then?

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