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Natural Skincare Creams and Balms

Our skincare line of products are a clinically tested line of naturally made creams and balms made from honey harvested from our own hives. Try them once and we are confident you will be hooked. Stop using mass produced chemically based products and try our Simply Honey line of lotions and balms. Go back to nature...your body will thank you for it.

  • Honey
  • Skincare
  • Soaps
  • 190ml Golden Chamomile Honey

  • 190ml Golden Spicy Honey

  • 500 g Jar Unpasteurized Golden Honey

  • Intense Hydrating Lip Balm

  • Natural Beauty Hand Care

  • Intensive Hand Cream

  • Honey Glycerin Soap


    Winter Solstice Soap

  • Triple Butter Glycerin Spa Bar with Activated Charcoal & Pink Clay


    Our Hives & Bees

    Our hives and bees are not treated chemically and we do not commercially farm our bees. Our honey is raw and natural, we trust our bees to create the most amazing tasting honey and in return we provide a safe, natural environment for them to flourish and forage as we ensure their well-being.


    I’ve taken my passion for nature, health and design to a new plateau with my honey farm to create an apiary focused on the well-being and sustainability of the honeybees, their environment, and the creation of healthy, 100% raw, artisan-style honey which is hand packaged with care.


    Educational In-Class Honeybee K-8 Presentations

    Simply Honey offers a community teaching partnership with schools, teachers and students supporting strands in the Ontario curriculum. With an interactive, hands-on presentation where we focus on our pollinators, the honeybees and their life systems. We provide learning opportunities for grades K-8 cultivating a sense of excitement for inquiry.