Simply Honey offers a community teaching partnership with schools, teachers and students supporting strands in the Ontario curriculum. With an interactive, hands-on presentation where we focus on our pollinators, the honeybees and their life systems. We provide learning opportunities for grades K-8 cultivating a sense of excitement for inquiry. To further the students’ exploration, there is a live observation hive we bring to your classroom that provides an up close and personal look at the honeybees.

Our curriculum-based presentations teach students about the honeybee life cycle, how bees turn nectar into honey, their impact on the environment through food production and many more interesting facts!

The primary goal of our presentation is to engage students and continue to develop their curiosity and wonder. Students come to school with a natural curiosity, individual interests, abilities and cultural experiences. All of which have an impact on their prior knowledge about science, technology, math & language, the environment and the world in which they live.