At Simply Honey, we make a variety of soaps that are moisturizing and clarifying. A few of our favourites are:

Honey Glycerin Soap

This soap features gold mica and lavender basil  fragrance the lower portion of the gorgeous soap bar is a triple butter glycerin infused with bee  pollen and Lemongrass Verbena fragrance. This honey soap is super moisturizing and can keep your skin feeling silky in the winter!

Triple Butter Spa Bar

This bar of soap is infused with Rose Geranium & Tea Tree Oil. The triple-butter formula is extremely hydrating while the activated charcoal and tea tree oil treat impurities. French Pink Clay is best known for aiding in sloughing off dead skin cells for a refreshed appearance and can be used on only or acne prone skin. The essential oil rose geranium is anti-inflammatory, a natural antiseptic and helps to diminish scars and promote healing. This spa bar is an all around treatment!

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