Our hives and bees are not treated chemically and we do not commercially farm our bees.  Our honey is raw and natural, we trust our bees to create the most amazing tasting honey and in return we provide a safe, natural environment for them to flourish and forage as we ensure their well-being.

We only harvest honey from the beehives when there is enough to share, staying focused on the honey bees health and needs first.  Ever conscious of how long and cold our Canadian winters can be, we always think ahead to make sure that our bees will over-winter with the most success, providing the best conditions and ample amounts of food.  In honouring this practice we can feel comfortable when Spring returns that our hives will be bustling with vitality.

Our bees forage on the local wildflower varieties in our area in addition to our gorgeous, lush strawberry patch, clover  and robust sunflowers.  Dandelions are the first-right-to-spring “flower” in our area and provide the first real food our bees encounter after their long winter.

We have several vintages of honey based upon flowers that bloom throughout Spring to Fall.

Current Vintages

Spring Harvest Honey

Our most unpredictable harvest due to our varying temperatures, rainfall, and actually the time of year we begin to experience “spring-like” conditions.  These variables will affect where the honey bees will begin to forage.  Typically this honey is light, floral in taste and perfect for teas, drizzling over foods and adding to your favourite smoothie.

Summer Wildflower Honey

Fully influenced by our intense, hot summer days, the wildflowers and clover bask in the heat of our long summer days with gentle breezes providing the honey bees with optimal foraging conditions.  A stronger, more apparent taste can be noted with a lingering flavour on the tongue. Perfect to add to marinades, ice cream and your baking.

Canadian Frosted Whipped Honey

As our honey season begins to come to an end and our cooler Fall months approach we sometimes experience evening temperatures that welcome nights of frost and cold morning dew.  Our creamed honey is a tribute to our diverse climate here in Canada.  Perfect for a natural glaze topping on your baking, a warmed spread across your favourite morning baked goods, blended into recipes of your choice, this creamy delectable honey is simply comfort food at its best!

Natural Combed Honey

Honey still on the comb, a true delight and experience to taste.  Taken from our artisan-style top bar hives it is the freshest honey you will ever taste.