Pesticide Believed to be Killing the Bees Could be Affecting Humans

Neonicotinoids, also known as NNIs or Neonics, is the most widely used pesticide around the world.  The pesticide is made up of a group of pesticides that target the neuron pathway found in most insects

What’s The Difference Between a Bee Sting and a Wasp Sting?

Typically wasps tend to be more aggressive and will gravitate towards human food more so than bees.  Bees are seemingly more gentle in nature and are a lot more interested in flowers that your food.

Breathing Beehive Air for a Healthier Life

Can breathing beehive air really make you healthier?  Well, this is believed to be true in Solvenia where it has been stated that breathing the air from a beehive holds many health benefits which boost the